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Decisions to be made

The following important matters will require your consideration:

  • Do you wish to have a funeral or a cremation? Where possible, the deceased’s will or any funeral contract should be examined for any specific instructions relating to the matter.
    The final plans for the deceased’s remains include:
  • Burial – Burial requires purchasing a cemetery plot, casket, grave liner or vault, and grave marker or monument.
  • Entombment – A patient or family may choose to have the body entombed above ground in a casket placed in a tomb or mausoleum.
  • Cremation – Cremation is a heat process which reduces the remains to ashes. The ashes can be stored in a urn and buried, placed in a niche at a cemetery, kept at home, or scattered. If the wish is for the ashes to be scattered, you should consult with the funeral director regarding legal restrictions.
  • What type of casket do you require?
    A variety of products are available to suit your requirements.
  • Where would you like the funeral service to be held? In your own church, the crematorium chapel, in our funeral chapel, in your home, etc.
  • Where would you like the deceased to be buried?
    In the local cemetery, in the family cemetery, at his place of birth, etc.
  • Do you require any special services?
    The nature and extent of any function to be arranged for funeral goers, photographs to be taken, video recording of the proceedings, transport for the funeral goers, etc
  • How do you wish to personalize the service?
    The dressing of the deceased, type of flowers, service programmes, special music, etc.
  • Whom do you wish to officiate at the funeral?
    If you do not know of a minister, we can obtain the services of one for you.
  • Whom do you wish to act as bearers?
    Family members, friends, etc.
  • Do you require notices to be placed in local newspapers?
    Please let us have the necessary wording as soon as possible to make the newspaper’s deadlines for advertisements.

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