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There’s a shortage of affordable coffins in South Africa. Tough Times has extended our services to bring our clients a range of affordable, low cost coffins. Our fully trained staff will assist you in making the right choice for your budget. Contact the Tough Times team today for an affordable coffin solution and for all your funeral needs:

Coffin information as per image on the right:

Chipboard is approved for coffin and casket manufacturing by the South African Bureau of Standards.

Chipboard (Particleboard) is wood particles bonded with resin adhesive under heat and pressure. If chipboard is used correctly in the manufacturing process, you will never have a problem with bottoms falling out. Most people are surprised to find out that 75% of coffins sold daily are made out of chipboard.

Coffins that are made out of wood is usually made out of pine. Pine is fairly cheap in comparison to Hardwood. Coffins are deemed to be cheaper than Caskets. Caskets on the other hand, especially Dome Caskets are considered to be top of the range and is usually made from Hardwood. Hardwood is expensive and limited in availability.

Pine coffins and caskets are in demand due to it being less pricy than its counterpart hardwood product.

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