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Choosing a coffin / casket


  • A coffin has eight sides while a casket has only four. Caskets have become more complex as they have been built to prevent rust, allow for tight seals and create a beautiful effect.
  • If you purchase the casket from a source other than the funeral home you are working with, you cannot by law be charged an extra fee for "handling" or other services having to do with receiving the casket.
  • Be on guard against sales pitches that insist you should buy a completely sealed coffin or a non rusting coffin for your loved one, or that pitch only high-priced coffins.
  • Some funeral homes try to avoid selling you inexpensive coffins by not displaying them. Ask if you don't see what you want, or request the general price list of available goods or services, which should list everything the funeral home offers - with prices.

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